What kind of city is Hamamatsu City?

What kind of city is Hamamatsu City?

If you live in Japan, it may be a city that you have passed through once in the east-west movement, or you have heard the name in national news.

“Hamamatsu City” is a city with a thriving industry and has flourished as a city of manufacturing. This “Dairy Hamamatsu” is an information portal site that summarizes the charm of Hamamatsu City!


▼▽ Hamamatsu City’s charm ▽▼

1. A town in the middle of Japan
2. City of manufacturing
3. A historic town surrounded by nature
4. Town with abundant special products
5. City of music

1. A town in the middle of Japan

“Hamamatsu City” is located in the center of Japan, between Tokyo and Osaka.
It is the largest ordinance-designated city in Shizuoka Prefecture with a population of approximately 800,000 (16th nationwide) and an area of ​​1,558.06 square kilometers (2nd nationwide).

Because it is easily accessible to domestic sightseeing spots, visitors from overseas can enjoy sightseeing in Japan based in Hamamatsu City.


Land route

Hamamatsu City is connected to major cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka by the Tokaido Shinkansen and the Tomei and Shin-Tomei Expressways.
In addition, the Hikari train stops multiple times an hour.
The time required for the Shinkansen and highways is as follows.

Name of a city [Railway] JR Tokaido Shinkansen [Road] Expressway
Tokyo Hikari about 1 and a half hours About 3.5 hours
Nagoya Hikari about 30 minutes About 1 hour
Osaka Hikari about 1 and a half hours About 3.5 hours

Air route

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport (Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture) opened in June 2009, and the distance to Hokkaido and Kyushu has been shortened, while the flights to China and South Korea have improved.
In addition, there are direct buses from Hamamatsu to both Chubu Centrair International Airport (Centrair) and Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport, making it easy to access the airport.

Access to various places from Mt.Fuji Shizuoka Airport
Domestic Time required Abroad Time required
Sapporo (New Chitose) About 1 hour 50 minutes Soul About 2 hours
Fukuoka About 1 hour 35 minutes Shanghai About 2 hours 30 minutes
Kagoshima About 1 hour 35 minutes Tianjin About 3 hours
Naha About 2 hours 25 minutes Taipei About 3 hours 15 minutes

Source:Hamamatsu City Hall Official Site|https://www.city.hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp/yuchi/invite/location/location.html


2. City of manufacturing

“Let’s try anything!”, “Let’s do it first” The spirit of “Yaramaika” takes root in Hamamatsu City.
The industrial history of Hamamatsu City began with cotton fabrics and lumber from the Edo period.
With the spirit of “Yaramaika”, the industry has progressed and excellent entrepreneurs and researchers have been born.
For the first time in Japan, Hamamatsu City produced light automobiles, motorcycles, pianos, electronic TVs, domestic production passenger aircraft, etc.

Large companies such as Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawai, Hamamatsu Photonics, Roland and F.C.C. are active on the world stage.
In Hamamatsu, there are large companies that are active on the world stage, such as Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawai, Hamamatsu Photonics, Roland, and FCC.
It is a town where small and medium-sized enterprises and venture companies gather.

(Source:Hamamatsu City Hall Official Site|https://www.city.hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp/miryoku/jiman/monozukuri.html


3. A historic town surrounded by nature

Speaking of Hamamatsu, many people think of “eel” and “Lake Hamana”.
Surrounded by the sea, lakes, mountains, rivers and nature, it has a wealth of historical heritage such as Hamamatsu Castle related to Ieyasu Tokugawa and industrial tourism facilities such as musical instruments and automobiles.
In Hamamatsu, various festivals are held throughout the year, such as the “Hamamatsu Festival”, “Himematsu Dochu”, and “Kandenji Fireworks Festival”.
In addition, you can enjoy various hot springs such as “Kanzanji Onsen”, “Bentenjima”, “Yuuto”, “Mikkabi” as a hot spring to soothe your travel fatigue.

(Source:Hamamatsu City Hall Official Site|https://www.city.hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp/miryoku/jiman/kanko.html


4. Town with abundant special products

Hamamatsu City is a vast city, surrounded by rivers, lakes, the sea, mountains and a rich natural environment.
In addition, since the sunshine hours are long and the climate is blessed, the town is rich in seafood, earthland products, and mountain products.

Hamamatsu’s representative seafood

・Lake Hamana Eel
・Enshu Nada Natural Japanese pufferfish
・Enshu Nada Shirasu
・Lake Hamanako Clams

Hamamatsu’s representative earthy food

・African daisy
・Hamamatsu tea and Enshuyama tea
・Mikkabi mikan

Typical mountain blessings of Hamamatsu

・Japanese cedar
・Tenryu Lumber

locals’ favorite food

・Hamamatsu dumplings
・Hamamatsu regional brand “Yaramaika Hamamatsu”
In addition to agricultural and marine products and local foods, the Hamamatsu Chamber of Commerce certifies new products such as Japanese and Western confectioneries, local sake, and traditional crafts such as textiles that are expected to grow further.

(Source:Hamamatsu City Hall Official Site|https://www.city.hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp/miryoku/jiman/tokusanhin.html


5. City of music

The symbol of Hamamatsu City, the “ACT TOWER”, was designed with the image of a harmonica.
World-famous musical instrument manufacturers such as Yamaha, Kawai, and Roland are located,and Hamamatsu carry out various music events and activities.


Holding global and national music business

・Hamamatsu International Piano Competition
・Shizuoka International Opera Competition
・Hamamatsu World Youth Chorus Festival
・Hamamatsu brass band competition

Rich music environment

・Act City Hamamatsu Main Hall
・Act City Hamamatsu Concert Hall
・Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments

Music human resource development



Music event that citizens enjoy

・Promenade concert
・Sakuma International Exchange Music Guidance Course
・Hamamatsu Jazz Week
・Lake Hamana Folk Jamboree
・Yaramaika Music Festival in Hamamatsu

(Source:Hamamatsu City Hall Official Site|https://www.city.hamamatsu.shizuoka.jp/miryoku/jiman/music.html

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